Axcel Sights AccuHunter Plus 1 Pin AV Hunter Scope .019 ACHP-N119-4GB


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Axcel Sights AccuHunter Plus 1 Pin AV Hunter Scope .019 ACHP-N119-4GB
Axcel™ sights drops a bombshell on the competition with the introduction of the NEW AccuHunter and AccuHunter Plus single pin slider sight featuring the AV Hunter scope. With a price aimed at the mid-level hunters, high quality remains consistent to Axcel’s™toughest standards. A sleek and solid mounting bracket and elevation bar make the AccuHunter a dependable choice among the hardest of hunters. Superior features include that of individual elevation and windage locks, an adjustable 20 yard dead stop, green accents and a new AV Hunter Scope, specifically designed for the AccuHunter sight. The AV Hunter scope features our new Firepin and a new method of fiber wrapping technology, creating one of the brightest fiber optic pins to hit the market. The AV Hunter scope has a 1 3/4” sized housing and accepts all the same Axcel™ scope accessories available for the AV41 sized scopes. The AccuHunter Plus contains the new “plus” scope options: containing the Crosshair insert, Rheostat cover and Torque Ring Indicator; which is in addition to all the standard parts on the AV Hunter scope. all AccuHunter, Accuhunter Plus, and AV Hunter scopes can be transformed into right or left hand dexterity with no additional parts


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