Avian-X Turkey Decoy Trophy Tom 2D AVX8021


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Avian-X Turkey Decoys






Trophy Tom

Turn your gobbler into a taxidermy-style showpiece with the Trophy Tom. The one-piece design easily holds a dried tail fan and beard surrounded by detailed carvings and ultra-realistic paint. It’s a great way for turkey hunters to relive memories over and over again. (And maybe have an excuse to do a little bragging.) The Trophy Tom also includes a mounting stake and handle to double as a 2D strutting-style decoy in the field.


-Trophy Tom
-Carry Bag
-Collapsible Carbon Stake


-Showpiece for tail fan and beard
-Great way to capture memories
-Heavy-duty clip easily holds tail fan
-Includes instructions on tail fan prep
-Doubles as 2D decoy


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