AMS Bowfishing Water Moc™ Bow and Kit Right Hand B705-MOC-RH


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Water Moc™ Bow and Kit

Go retro with this sleek and simple takdown recurve kit.

Made for Life on the Water The Water Moc™ was made for life on the water! It has a sleek black, water resistant seal over fully laminated limbs to ensure long life in wet environments.

Quick Take Down Pack it away in your truck for those unexpected opportunities! Simply take this bow down by removing the string. Then remove the limbs by removing the thumb screws.

Lightweight Magnesium Riser Sleek, stylish and lightweight, the Water Moc™ features an AMS designed magnesium riser with AMS exclusive, green koi accents and the AMS stamp of approval!

Each Water Moc™ Bow kit includes:

  • 1 – Water Moc™ Bow
  • 1 – AMS Retriever® TNT with Green Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Spectra Line
  • 1 – White Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos® FX Point
  • 1 – AMS Tidal Wave® Arrow Rest
  • 1 – Green String Things®