AMS Bowfishing Safety Slides for 22/64″ Arrows 5pk Blue M141-5-BLU


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AMS Safety Slides for 22/64″ Arrows 5 Pack

When the bowfishing line is tied directly to the tail of an arrow, it can knot with the bowstrings as you draw back. The knot will cause the arrow to stop short in mid-flight and suddenly “snap-back” toward the shooter. AMS Safety Slides were designed to keep the bowfishing line out in front of the bow at all times. Simply nock your arrow with the Safety Slide out in front of your rest. Tighten the line on your Retriever between it and the slide and push the line into the Line Retainer found on the side of your reel. As you draw the Safety Slide will stay stationary as the arrow moves back. When the shot is released, the slide moves back to the tail of the arrow and stops at the Shock Pad allowing the line to trail for perfect arrow flight. 5 sets per pack. Pack includes: Safety Slides, Shock Pads, Shock Pad Bushings and Screws.