AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Kit Right Hand 610RX Retriever Pro, 3-24″ Bolts & X Mount 610-XKIT-RH


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Crossbow Kit Right Hand

-3-24″ Bolts w/Chaos Points – This is a 22/64″ diameter crossbow bolt shaft made of solid yellow fiberglass, 24″ long. Approx. 1600 grains so it shoots through the water. Nocked with an orange half-moon nock and pre-drilled with AMS Ring Sets. Fits only 22/64″ points. Made in America.
-AMS Sleek Crossbow Mount – Finally, a durable and easy to install crossbow mount made specifically for bowfishing! The new AMS Sleek-X Crossbow Mount is made of smooth and strong anodized aluminum. This 3 piece system, has a mounting bracket that attaches in the standard quiver holes (1 5/16″ center to center) of most crossbows. It is adaptable to both parallel and perpendicular hole patterns and mounts with 2 screws. The handle of the Sleek-X attaches to the mounting bracket with the use of a thumb screw. It is universal to both right and left handed shooters. To remove the handle, simply loosen the thumb screw and pull the handle from the mounting bracket. All AMS Retriever reels will fit on this mount.
-AMS Retriever Pro – The AMS Retriever Pro is unlike any other bowfishing reel on the market. There is no button to push before the shot and no clumsy spool to wrap up later. The line is simply stacked into a bottle. As you shoot, the line flies out of the reel as fast as the arrow can take it. To retrieve the arrow, simply pull the trigger lightly and turn the handle. The line goes back into the bottle and is ready for your next fast action shot.