AMS Bowfishing Arrow Fiberglass Chaos Point Arrow w AMS Safety Slide A203-WHT


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Fiberglass Chaos Point Arrow w AMS Safety Slide

Quick Overview
The most common bowfishing arrow shaft. Solid white 5/16” fiberglass shaft is 32″ long and nocked with a bright orange nock for high visibility. Made in America.

The AMS Chaos Point, our Top selling arrow point. AMS Bowfishing is introducing its new line of bowfishing arrow points. Made entirely of 400 series stainless steel, the AMS Chaos with patent pending, heat treated, Cyclone™ tips are the toughest points on the market.

These points have out-performed and out-lasted the competition. We are able to offer exceptional pricing on these arrows due to manufacturing efficiencies created through in-house processes. Every single component of our arrows are MADE IN THE USA!